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"This class has been life changing for me. I was tired, depressed and had many aches and pains. After two weeks I started to feel healthier, had more energy and was optimistic about my life. I have been on many diets without long term success. I am on an eating plan for life that I know I will stay on. I also lost weight which was a real bonus. Dr. Eberhardy is a real gifted teacher and friend."
Sue S., Wisconsin Rapids, WI

We Utilize these Mind/Body enhancement techniques:

Time Line Therapy techniques allow freedom from undesired negative emotions that impact your natural health & weight. By releasing these emotions from memories, you are able to react freely to future situations.

Hypnotherapy is about personal & life empowerment. Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is not a deep sleep but a trance-like condition. During this hightened state of awareness, the conscious mind is suppressed while the subconscious mind is revealed and enhanced to create naturally healthy and happy life outcomes.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) encompasses the three most influential components of the human experience: neurologylanguage and programming. The neurological system regulates body functions, language determines how we interface and communicate and programming establishes the types of models of the world we create. Ultimately, NLP consists of the fundamental dynamics between mind and language that affect our physical body and behavior.

"Eight months ago I hobbled into Eberhardy Acupuncture using a cane and prescription medications to control pain. Through the loving care I have received from Debra and her associates I am now pain free, off the medications, down 25 lbs. and I threw my cane away. Thank you Deb! You have given me my life back!"
Carol W., Black River Falls, WI

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